People sometimes need to store their vehicles for lengthy periods of time. No matter the reason, it’s important for people to prepare their vehicles before placing them into storage in order to protect the engine and to make certain the car will start again when it’s time to leave. Here are some steps you should take before placing your vehicle into car storage in Brisbane at Easy Vehicle Storage.

Keep your vehicle covered in car storage in Brisbane

Your vehicle needs to be protected from the elements, even when it’s stored indoors. Covering your vehicle in car storage in Brisbane will protect it from dust and debris.

Change the oil and fill up the tank

If you’ll be storing your car for a month or longer, it’s important to have the oil changed. Old oil contains contaminants that can cause damage to the engines of vehicles when it’s left to sit in them for long periods.

You’ll also want to make certain that your petrol tank is full. If you place it in storage without a full tank, your car’s fuel lines may accumulate moisture, and the fuel seals may become dry and crack. After you fill the car, make certain to add a fuel stabiliser to the tank. This can help to keep ethanol from building up and the gas from deteriorating so you can protect your engine from rust and gum.

Wash your vehicle

While it may seem silly to wash your car before placing it in storage, doing so should not be overlooked. Old water droplets and debris can damage the finish if they are left on your car for extended periods of time. Make certain to wash everything, including the wheels and the undersides of your fenders, before moving your vehicle into car storage in Brisbane. For added protection, finish by applying a coat of wax.

Keep pests out of your car

Rodents sometimes invade indoor storage areas to look for food and for warmth, and they like to find ways to get into vehicles. You can protect your car by using steel wool to keep rodents from getting into the vehicle through the exhaust pipe and air intake. Mice dislike the smell of peppermint, so soaking mothballs in peppermint and placing them around the perimeter of your car might help to keep them away.

Try to keep your battery charged

If you can arrange it, try to schedule a trusted friend to start your vehicle and to drive it for about 15 minutes at least once every two weeks. If you can’t do that, disconnect the battery’s negative cable from its pole. If you disconnect the negative cable, you’ll lose your stereo settings and will need to reset them when you return.


If you take the time to prepare your car before placing it in storage, you’ll be glad when you return. Your car should start easily, allowing you to drive it away as if you never left it behind. Contact the staff at Easy Vehicle Storage to find out more about car storage in Brisbane.