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Best Car Storage Tips

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Best Car Storage Tips

An individual might require to store their vehicles for an extended period of time. Maybe an individual has a luxurious car which he or he wants to drive in summer, and it is in winter. Perhaps one wants to leave his or her residence and go overseas for a vacation. Maybe an individual has been deployed to another nation since he or she is working for a multinational organisation. These and many more reasons make an individual to store a vehicle for a long duration of time in Easy Vehicle Car Storage Brisbane.

Do not leave the car unattended in a garage, in the streets or at home. It might be damaged and rendered useless. The battery can be dead, tires can be ruined, and the extreme weather conditions can destroy the whole body. Below are tips from Easy Vehicle Storage Brisbane to ensure that it lasts for a long duration of time. Following these steps will preserve the life of the engine and make it easy to start when the need arises.

Clean the vehicle

It is essential to ensure that the car is sparkling clean before storing it over an extended period of time. Water stains, food remain, droppings of the birds and any other type of dirt can damage the vehicle. Always ensure that the wheels and the underside of the fenders are free from mud or oil. In a bid to protect it further, apply coat or wax to the sensitive arts which are susceptible to corrosion. Observe this for Car Storage Brisbane.

Cleaning Your Car | Car Storage Brisbane

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Change the oil

All vehicle manufacturers recommend that oil should be changed regularly. In fact, a vehicle should not stay with old oil for more than one month. So change the oil before leaving. Oil has some chemical components which can cause extensive damage to the vehicle.

Change Car Oil | Car Storage Brisbane

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Top the oil tank with petrol

It is a very useful tip for a person who wishes to store his or her vehicle for more than thirty days. Always fill the fuel tank with petrol. This is to prevent moisture and other contaminants from accumulating inside the fuel tank. Additionally, the practice helps to keep the seals from drying up. That is not enough.

It is advisable to buy fuel stabiliser to prevent the build-up of ethanol in the systems and thus protect the crucial parts of the engine from gum and rust. Thus, a stabiliser plays a critical role in preventing the gas from reacting with the parts of the vehicle. This can stop this reaction from occurring for more than one year.

Filling Up Car | Car Storage Brisbane

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Inflated the tires to the recommended pressure levels

Leaving the car unattended for a long time, it might develop flat spots due to the weight of the vehicle. Thus, it should be left with the recommended pressure before storing it.

Car Tyre Pressure | Car Storage Brisbane

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Cover the car

Ensure that the car is covered with a weatherproof cover. This ensures that it is clean and free from dirt. Take it to a nice garage which offers excellent storage facilities. If you have one at home, you can as well keep it there. It is a good tip for Car Storage Brisbane.

Car Cover | Car Storage Brisbane

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