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Benefits of long term Brisbane car storage

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Benefits of long term Brisbane car storage

When you leave home for weeks or months at a time, consider using long-term car storage in Brisbane from Easy Vehicle Storage. This service also proves beneficial if you have too many vehicles to park at home. You can use it to safely set aside motorbikes, cars, vans, and motorhomes. Here are six of the many benefits of using long-term Brisbane Car Storage.

Stops vandalism

If you leave a car on the street or in a driveway, vandals could easily damage it when you travel elsewhere. They might scratch the paint, break the radio antenna, or even shatter a window. The security and surveillance systems in Car Storage Brisbane can help you to preserve your vehicle’s appearance and value.

car vandalism

Prevents theft

Criminals may target a seldom-used car if they suspect its owner isn’t in the area. They might remove and sell the most valuable parts before police can recover the vehicle. Fortunately, it’s much harder for thieves to steal an auto from a secure facility that provides Brisbane Car Storage.


Weather protection

If you choose an indoor Brisbane Car Storage service, the building will shield your vehicle from bright sunlight, rain, and hail. This prevents unsightly dents or paint damage. It can also protect the car from bird and insect droppings. Likewise, the sun’s rays won’t cause your upholstery to fade.

Car damaged by storm

Avoid tree damage

Some streets and driveways put cars at risk for tree-related harm. Significant damage can occur under windy conditions. On the other hand, storage facilities, like Brisbane Car Storage, protects vehicles from falling branches. They also prevent the deterioration that can take place when wet leaves and twigs accumulate on a car for long periods of time.

car crushed by tree

Affordable pricing

It generally costs much less to store a car on a monthly basis rather than paying hourly, daily, or weekly rates. Furthermore, many Australian insurance companies will give you a discount while you use this service. They know that the likelihood of theft or accidental damage becomes quite low when you utilise a long-term car storage facility.

To sum it up, you can conserve parking space and keep your vehicle safe with the help of Brisbane Car Storage from Easy Vehicle Storage. This valuable service protects you from unexpected costs and disruptive trips to the repair shop. It also gives you peace of mind. Contact our team of car storage experts to learn more about your long-term car storage options.

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