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What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

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What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Easy Vehicle Storage, Brisbane Car Storage strives to protect your automobile from the elements that might mar or damage its most eye-catching feature: its colour. After all, the colour of your ride often gives others an idea about you and your personality. Although Brisbane Car Storage doesn’t care if your car is purple with pink polka-dots, read on and see what your car colour choice might just say about your personality.

Here are some common theories about your vehicle’s colour:

Bright, pretentious colours such as apple red, canary yellow, or a brilliant royal blue are obvious attention-seeking colours that have had an inordinate reputation for catching the eyes of the police, but statistics do not support that myth. These colours are a statement of confidence and pride. People who drive this colour of vehicle generally do not need any “assertiveness training” and they generally have a positive attitude about life. You will rarely see a dirty bright red, royal blue or canary yellow car and that in itself is a statement.

royal blue coloured car

Neutral coloured vehicles, such as grey, silver, beige, or ivory tend to have owners who are even-keeled and have moderate temperaments. Consumers who choose these neutral colours when buying a car tend to live an organized and sometimes low-key life; they have a professional yet practical mission in mind for their vehicles.

silver car

Those persons who choose to drive cars that are void of colour, such as black or white, are similar to those mentioned above in #2, but there are often defined reasons that their vehicles are void of colour. For example, there are religious or political groups that will drive only black vehicles. Black indicates discretion yet it also invokes mystique. White vehicles are often chosen as company vehicles; safety-minded drivers tend to choose white cars for visibility and practicality. It is ironic that black autos tend to show dirt and rain even more than white, and this practical tenet may be one reason that companies choose white for their fleets.

black car

Profoundly unique colours, such as burnt orange, purple, or aqua are generally driven by those folks who typically strive to be different, stand out, or are perhaps even a bit eccentric at times. If you meet the people who choose these colours in a vehicle, you will likely find individuals who have keen senses of humour, are creative but aloof, and typically they won’t care what you think about their car…or about them.

orange car

Dark, sophisticated colours such as navy blue, forest green, or charcoal are as sleek and demonstrate the business-savvy of their owners. They’re generally very organized, on time, and have their eyes on their mission. Think about common military colours and it’s easy to understand this norm.

Regardless of your personality, your lifestyle or your budget, Brisbane Car Storage will not pass judgment upon you when you entrust them with your mechanical pride and joy. Brisbane Car Storage bays are colour-blind but they will help keep your vehicle true to its original colour.

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