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Hide Your Christmas Gift With Car Storage

It’s sometimes hard to figure out what to give someone for Christmas. If the person needs transportation and you have the means, then consider giving the gift of a car for Christmas. This is an idea to consider for a teenager as well. Bring the fun of the holiday season in as well with a few ideas to make the car a surprise. Keep the car stored in Brisbane Car Storage until you’re ready to give it to the person so that no one can see the gift.

Keeping a secret

One of the ways that you can surprise someone with a car is by wrapping the keys in a small box and then putting this box inside one that is larger. Make sure the box doesn’t look like one that would hold a set of keys because the person might get suspicious. Another option would be to blindfold the person and go to Brisbane Car Storage. Once you get to the unit, remove the blindfold before opening the door to reveal the car that is stored inside.

Car keys in gift box

Gifts of necessity

Create a box with accessories that are needed for a car. This box could include tire wipes, an emergency kit, jumper cables, and floor mats. Since the person doesn’t have a car, the idea wouldn’t make sense until the thought process is complete and they realise they might be getting a car as a gift.

Car Accessories as a gift

Family fun

A fun way to get the family in on the surprise is to take everyone to a local dealership to look for cars. Let everyone know that you’re thinking about getting something new that the family will enjoy. When the person receiving the car gets bored of walking around, take everyone to see one final car that will be the car that is given as a Christmas surprise. This idea works well if you’re giving the car to a teenager.

Car Shopping With Happy Kids

After getting the car out of Brisbane Car Storage, park it in your driveway without the other person being aware that it’s at the home. Put a large bow on the top of the car. Tell the person to go outside to get something from the car, giving the keys to the car so that the door can be unlocked. The person will think that it’s your keys instead and then be surprised when going outside. You could also mail the keys in a small box as a Christmas gift with the address of the location where the car is stored.

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