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Secret Caravan Storage Hacks

Living in a caravan can be stressful or claustrophobic if the space isn’t being utilised as effectively as possible. But with a creative mindset and a few great ideas, this can be avoided. Luckily, Brisbane Caravan Storage has you sorted, with some handy tips that will soon become your caravan’s new best friends.

Clean Out your Caravan

The first step having an organised caravan is to clean it out and get rid of anything you don’t need. Quality is more important than quantity, and having limited space doesn’t allow for excessive possessions, especially not of the same thing.

Maintain the tidiness of your caravan by creating an ongoing and regular cleaning schedule. Brisbane Caravan Storage offers convenient access hours for you to come in and clear out you caravan when it suits you.  This ensures everything is stored back into their respective places to utilise as much space as possible. The best way to do this is by putting things away straight after using them, and cleaning as you go when cooking.

cleaning caravan

Use Plenty of Hooks and Velcro

Hooks can be utilised in all areas of the house, on walls, doors or inside cupboards. Use them to hang cooking utensils, keys, belts, bags, towels, or baskets of varying sizes to carry even more items. Suction cap hooks are a great alternative for those who don’t want to make holes in their walls or doors.

Velcro is extremely handy to stick small items to walls and doors so they’re out of the way. This includes TV remotes, torches, tissue boxes and makeup to name a few! Velcro can be used in the form of boards or strips, or be cut to the size of individual objects.

kitchen hanging storage

Use Wall Mounted Food Dispensers

Use wall mounted food dispensers to keep your everyday food organised and in easy reach. Instead of taking room up in the cupboard, fill up your food dispensers with your coffee, sugar, cereal, nuts, rice or pasta instead.Remember to remove the food after your holiday, before storing your caravan in Brisbane Caravan Storage.

food dispensers

Dry your Dishes Over the Sink

Dry your dishes over the sink rather than next to it will free up a significant amount of much needed bench space in the kitchen. The best option is to use a roll up drying rack, as it isn’t bulky and can be discretely stored away between uses.

kitchen sliding drying rack

Use Stackable Tupperware

Using stackable Tupperware is great to organise your food in an effective, space saving way. Squared or rectangular shaped Tupperware are more favourable over circle shaped Tupperware, which leave gaps of unused space around them. Plus if you use the same brand for all of your containers, they’re guaranteed to fit together.

kitchen Tupperware

Use Collapsible Items

Collapsible items are fantastic because they can be reduced in size to store away when they’re not in use.  These include storage boxes, laundry baskets, containers, cups, bowls, strainers, and even silicone baking trays.

collapsible laundry basket

Utilise Spice Racks and Towel Holders

Get creative by using storage solutions for items that they weren’t intended to be used for. Spice racks for instance, can be used to hold books, or in the bathroom to act as shelves for toiletries, and towel holders can be used in the kitchen to hang hard to store pot and pan lids.

caravan wall shelves

Use Under Shelf and Over Door Baskets

Wire under shelf baskets can be used to store a huge variety of items. Use them under tabletops to store paperwork and books, or inside the kitchen cupboards to hold food, cups, plates, tea towels, chopping boards and cling wrap.

Over door baskets can also be used to hold toiletries under the bathroom sink, towels and shoes inside the bedroom cupboards and cleaning supplies in the kitchen.

towel in rack


Put Storage Boxes in Your Cupboards and Drawers

Place storage boxes in your cupboards or under your bed, to organise your clothing and accessories. Storage boxes kept in harder to reach or view places should be placed on their side, so the contents can easily be seen and sifted through. Using organisers in drawers are also a great way to compartmentalise your belongings.

Hanging closet organisers are fantastic way to make use of the vertical space in your closet. Use these to hold shoes, folded up towels and clothing, and magazines to name a few.

woman in caravan

With a bit of inspiration and some creative twists, a messy caravan can be transformed into an organised and stylish home on wheels.  If you find you’re carrying too many belongings, or wish to store your bulkier items elsewhere, contact Brisbane Caravan Storage to learn about our secure storage options.

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