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Campervan Storage in Brisbane

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Campervan Storage in Brisbane

We all dream of that big road trip around Australia. More and more motorhomes are sold each year, and with your own campervan, the big trip isn’t as daunting as it was before. But you probably can’t keep it parked on your property all the time. So, if you have a Winnebago, Swagman Campervan, or another large motorhome, we have the campervan storage in Brisbane you’ve been looking for.

Motorhomes and campervans have long been targeted in suburban streets by thieves. Some city councils also prohibit the parking of campervans or motorhomes on suburban streets. Campervan storage in Brisbane from Easy Vehicle Storage is an affordable, secure solution. We have campervan storage spaces to suit larger motorhomes, medium campervans, or even trailer-based campervans.

The key features of the outside yard are:

  • 24 hour 7 days per week security patrols at high frequency rotation
  • Flood lit at night
  • 2 km from Gateway Arterial Road
  • 6 km from Brisbane CBD
  • 6 km from Brisbane Airport
  •  On site forklifts with tow ball attached to receive trailerable units such as caravans, horse floats, or boats and drive into allotted spaces while avoiding reversing
  •  Security cameras on site
  • Internal parking for larger vehicles above 8m high and up to 12m in length for motorhomes
  • Internal areas with 5.4m hight roofs
  • 10% discount to apply for 6 month prepayment of storage fee
  • 15% discount to apply for 12 month prepayment of storage fee

All vehicles/trailers received at entry and parked according to booking. Trailers driven into bays by fork lift, no need for customers to reverse trailer.


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