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Best Road Trip Destinations in South East QLD

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Best Road Trip Destinations in South East QLD

Top Road Trip Destinations in the Sunshine State From Brisbane Car Storage

Popularly referred to as ‘the Sunshine State, Queensland is Australia’s second-largest and 3rd most populated state. It is located in the Northeast of the country is its top vacation destination for many travellers. Boasting of some of the world’s rarest natural jewels, the state is well endowed with natural physical attractions such as golden beaches, listed World Heritage rainforests, reefs, rivers and waterfalls, and tropical islands, to mention but a few.

driving on Fraser

Many visitors of the Sunshine State like to go on road trips, some short others very long. A common concern, however, for many road trip lovers is secure places and facilities to store their cars temporarily in between their trips. Gladly for many, Brisbane Car Storage Facilities come in handy to the rescue of many. The company has many facilities all over the state where visitors can securely leave their cars and enjoy their trips.

four wheel drive tracks

At the northern coast of Queensland is a natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef. The beauty of this World Heritage-listed site cannot be well stated in words. It is Earth’s most prominent living structure, visible even from space. The reef is part of the larger Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It boasts one of the world’s most diverse marine life, which is a big attraction for snorkelers and divers from all over the world. It has species of tropical fish, giant clams, kaleidoscope corals, turtles, dolphins, and sharks.

great barrier reef

Between the Atherton Tableland, dark hills and the Great Barrier Reef lies Cairns town in one of the superb locations. Decorated with palm-fringed streets and colourful gardens, the town is truly the best in Queensland. The laid-back town is friendly with large parks and beautiful beaches radiating along its coast. It is a perfect spot for day trips. Travellers can visit the world’s most extensive botanical garden dedicated to palms, Flecker Botanical Gardens, with over 100 palm species. Brisbane Car Storage has two facilities in the town; cairns Beaches Storage and the Big Blue Self Storage facility, which are crucial in making the lives of visitors comfortable by securing their cars and assets.


The world’s oldest rainforest is also found in Queensland. Daintree National Park offers visitors a thrilling drive through this old gem. The forest is divided into two main sections; Mossman Gorge and the Cape Tribulation. The park has a vast variety of plant and wildlife species such as the southern cassowaries and the rat-kangaroos. The area is best explored while on a guided safari. QSL. Cairns Terminal operated by Brisbane Car Storage would be a perfect spot for visitors to store their cars as it is located nearby the national park.


A visit to the Sunshine State would not be deemed complete without a visit to Fraser Island. The world’s largest sand island is located between Brisbane and Bundaberg. The best way to explore the island would be a four-wheel road trip as this allows visitors to explore the hued rock formations, windswept beaches, sacred Aboriginal sites, crystal-clear lakes, dense forests as well as dingoes. The island’s wildlife species include pure-strain dingoes, tiger sharks, whales, dolphins, and over 300 bird species. Some of the most exciting things to do on the island include swimming in Lake McKenzie, trailing in the Central station rainforest and a visit to Lake Wabby which has a backdrop of a giant dune. Fraser Coast storage sheds, which is just a few miles from the island, is an ideal spot for visitors to store cars.

lake mckenzie

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