Tips on Planning Fun Road Trips for your Children

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Tips on Planning Fun Road Trips for your Children

Road trips require planning in advance. You need to make it fun and memorable for your children. There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you take your car out of Car Storage Brisbane and begin the planning process:

Budget planning

You’ll need to figure how much is enough for the road trip. It can be a little bit expensive since you’re travelling with the kids. The total budget should be broken down into segments so that you can be able to differentiate the necessities from the luxuries. The necessities will include food, transportation, travel insurance, activities, and fuel. If you’re thinking of going away for long, you can check out Car Storage Brisbane for your car storage. You might need to rent a bigger car depending on the size of your family.

Car driving by beach


Choosing the destination

You should involve the kids in choosing the destination since the road trip is being planned for them. The destination you chose will depend on the time of year and the kind of activities you want to try out. You should ideally start by listing all the places you’d like to visit with the help of your kids. The accommodation options should be one of the considerations when choosing the destination.

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Preparing the car

Not all cars are able to handle long distances. If you will be going for a long time, you’ll need a safe Car Storage Brisbane facility for your other vehicle. If you’re using your car, take it for service after taking it out of Car Storage Brisbane to make sure everything is running smoothly. The inspection should check the brake pads, brake lights, blinkers, and headlights. You should also check the tires and the oil levels.

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Map your route

You need to plan for the route that you intend to take. How many stops do you intend to make and are there accommodation options along the route? Mapping the route helps you familiarise with the roads.


Prepare your home

You’re probably going to be away for a while. Make sure the bills are paid on time before you leave. In case you don’t have a garage and worried about the safety of your car, you can opt for Car Storage Brisbane option. Clean out the food in your fridge and arrange for the care of your pets if you have any.

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Cutting costs on the road

Food can take up a big cost of your budget while on the road. You can minimise the costs by renting apartments with kitchenettes. You can also buy the snacks from the supermarket so that you don’t have to stop over every time. When it comes to accommodation, camping is always going to be the cheapest option. Since you will be exploring places with your kids, you’ll only need a bed purposely to sleep and nothing else.

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What to pack for the kids


It can be disastrous if all the kids have their tablets or iPod playing at the same time. You need to get high-quality headphones that protect them from noise-induced hearing loss without compromising on the quality. You might also need to get them the tablets if you’re travelling long distances since it can be tiring and boring. Don’t go for earbuds as they could potentially damage your child’s hearing ability.


You should buy special toys meant just for the trip. It will help in creating memorable moments for the kids. A good and inexpensive idea would be to buy them notebooks and crayons. It can also be a DVD which you can buy new or borrow from your local library.

Cleaning supplies

Have plenty of cleaning supplies in the car because you will need them. You should have a garbage bag, hand towels, carpet cleaner, and paper towel because there will always be spilling and sickness in the vehicle.


It might be a good idea to buy a cooler for the road trip. Snacks will always come in handy for long trips. Just keep the necessary drinks not unless you want to pull over in every rest area on the route. The snacks shouldn’t be the same as what you have at home just to keep things exciting.


If you’re renting a car, make sure it has an in-built DVD system as it will come in handy. Have the kids select the movies they’d want to watch during the road trip. You can rent or buy the movies from your local library.

Kids road trip packs

Making the best out of the road trip with your children

The road trip can be used as a bonding experience for the family. You get to try new experiences that will leave lasting impressions. To get the best out of the trip you need to:

See as much as you can

You don’t have to limit yourself to the To-do list. Savor the countryside and make stops just to marvel at nature. There should be plenty of sites to be soaked up regardless of your destination.

Tour the small towns

It can be a 20-minute tour just to stretch the legs after a long drive. You will always find something that is unique and new which will make the kids excited. You could also just opt to drive around before you hit the highway again.

Don’t rush

You don’t have to beat yourself up if everything is not going according to plan. Maps can be distracting and the real joy is in the exploration. The kids won’t remember how they dutifully followed the map but the experiences you shared along the way.


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