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How to prepare your car for storage

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How to prepare your car for storage

A Car Storage Brisbane facility stores your vehicle for the winter or several years. However, preparing your car for storage in the city of Brisbane involves several practical steps. Check out the following tips for proper car storage:

Select the right Car Storage Brisbane facility for your vehicle

You first need to choose a secure Car Storage Brisbane facility. Make sure the building is free from moisture. A nearby storage unit offers you the chance to store your vehicle without having to worry about water damage, rust or theft.

Easy Vehicle Storage | car storage Brisbane

Take your car to a reliable car wash prior to storage

Wash the interior and exterior of your car at a good car wash. Make sure the attendant cleans the seats and all parts of your vehicle prior to storage.
Car Wash | Car Storage Brisbane

Check the amount of oil stored in the engine

Ask a service station attendant to change the oil and fill up the tank. In addition, ask the mechanic to replace the old oil filter with a new filter.

Engine Oil | Car Storage Brisbane

Fill up the gas tank with gasoline

Filling up your tank with gasoline prevents the engine from transforming fuel into ice. Prevent unwanted issues by adding a gas stabiliser to the gas tank. After you maintain the tank, it is safe to store your vehicle.

Fill Car With gas | Car Storage Brisbane

Once you drive your car to a Car Storage Brisbane facility, inflate the tires

Read instructions posted on the sidewall to ensure that the tires are fully inflated. Inflating your vehicle’s tires ensures that they will not go flat during storage in a Car Storage Brisbane facility.

Inflate Tyres | Car Storage Brisbane

It is best to remove the car’s battery prior to storage

You can preserve the battery by connecting it to a battery maintainer. If you own a new car, you may need to leave the battery connected so that the computer maintains its function for remembering battery charging details. Lift up the car’s hood if you are not going to remove the battery.

Keep the windows of your car rolled down

After driving your vehicle to a Car Storage Brisbane unit, you’ll want to prevent your car from moisture damage. Mildew can easily infiltrate a car damaged by moisture. Roll down every window approximately one inch during storage.

Car Window Down | Car Storage Brisbane

Cover the wiper blades with plastic material

Wrapping the wiper blades with plastic ensures that the rubber does not stick to the windshield. You can also remove the blades and keep them in storage. Do not store the blades in a cold environment. Add padding material to each blade’s wiper arm to prevent scratches.

Spray the spark plug cylinders with oil

Take the spark plugs out of the car. Spray the cylinders with oil. After spraying the cylinders, reinstall the spark plugs. A tiny bit of oil prevents the cylinders from getting rusty.

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