Okay, technically you can’t become a car dealer today, unless you’re already in possession of a motor dealer’s licence, but you can start the process of becoming a car dealer. At Easy Vehicle Storage, we look after the car storage in Brisbane for many independent motor dealers.

The motor dealer licence allows you to sell a used vehicle, including parts, it allows you to obtain a used vehicle with the purpose to sell, and you can strip down the vehicle to sell the parts too. The licence also allows you to take vehicles on consignment, and sell on behalf of another, and you can sell a leased vehicle to the lessee under the terms of the lease.

Once you’ve passed your exam, and you are a fully fledged car dealer with licence in hand, you need to acquire a car or two to sell. There are many places from where you can source a suitable vehicle, but a dealer auction is the obvious choice for many.

It is now time to think with your head, and not with your heart, so pick vehicles that will sell fairly quickly, and not something you would like to drive. However, if you want it, then it is likely someone else will want it too. So just don’t pay too much.

Now is the part where Easy Vehicle Storage enters the fray. You’ve bought your first car to be sold, and you need car storage in Brisbane. Easy Vehicle Storage is conveniently located near Eagle Farm and the Brisbane CBD, so why not store your car at Easy Vehicle Storage? We are the first choice for most, when they want car storage in Brisbane.

Now you need to market your vehicle, stick it up on Gumtree, and start making a profit. Those aspects of the sales process we will leave to you, but as for the car storage in Brisbane, Easy Vehicle storage will handle that.

Easy Vehicle Storage can also look after your camper van storage, caravan storage, trailer storage and horse float storage.