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Collecting classic cars can be a fun hobby, but there are a few drawbacks. In particular, finding enough space to properly store and protect your vehicles can be a tall order. Even if you have a garage at home, odds are it’s already occupied by other things. If you’re storing your vehicles for months on end, it’s crucial to find a safe, dry, and sheltered storage location. Without a doubt, Car Storage in Brisbane from Easy Vehicle Storage ticks those boxes. You should definitely consider renting a unit to keep your collection as safe as can be.


Select Car Storage in Brisbane

First, you need to find a facility that offers units that are designed for vehicles, like Easy Vehicle Storage. When it comes to Car Storage in Brisbane, having enough space for your vehicle or vehicles is only one consideration. You’ll also need to ensure there are undercover storage options for your collections. Easy Vehicle Storage is also a completely secure facility, so you won’t need to worry about the safety of your vehicles.


Detail your car

Odds are you don’t need to be asked twice to keep your classic car as clean as possible. You need to do an especially thorough job before storing it away. If you can afford to, hire someone to professionally clean, detail, and prepare your car for storage. If you must do it yourself, take your time and get every last nook and cranny. You might also consider sprinkling some baking soda around inside. This will help absorb excess moisture and keep odours and other problems at bay.


Take care of fluids

Prior to storing your classic car in Car Storage in Brisbane for a long period of time, you should do some quick maintenance with its fluids to ensure it emerges from hibernation in tip-top shape. For starters, fill the gas tank with fuel, and add fuel stabiliser to protect the tank from corrosion and other problems. Regardless of whether it’s due for it or not, change the oil. If necessary, replace the brake fluid, top off the antifreeze, and check all other fluid levels prior to storing your car.


Protect your vehicle collection with Car Storage in Brisbane

Once that’s all done, there are just a few more things to do. Unless you plan to stop by and start the car every few weeks, remove its battery and attach it to a battery tender, also known as a trickle charger, to keep it from being ruined. Fill the tires to the appropriate pressure and raise the car up on jacks to avoid putting undue, continuous weight on the tires and suspension. When the time comes to bring your cars to a local car show or just for a cruise, you’ll find they’re in just as good shape as when you left them.

If you’d like to learn more about your Car Storage in Brisbane options, contact the vehicle storage experts at Easy Vehicle Storage. Alternatively, view our specials and book your storage online today!

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