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Caravan Essentials

Welcome to the caravanning club! Now that you already have your newly acquired caravan in your backyard and a planned trip, you have to ensure you have all the necessary things to make your adventure a success. You want to have everything you need within reach in your small moving house without overloading it. What do you need to take on your caravan holiday? We have created a checklist to make your work easier. When you’re not out adventuring, Caravan Storage Brisbane can keep your new possession safe and secure.

GPS and a printed map

black car pulling caravan

The accuracy of a GPS will hold your hand to wherever you need to go 95% of the time. Unfortunately, they are bound to fail or breakdown, just like any other piece of electrical gadget. That is why we necessitate the need to carry a printed map of your target area. In case your GPS fails or gets lost, your trip remains uninterrupted with the map.


Two people sitting in camping chairs

If you are planning to camp, you might want to think about the type of light-weight furniture you’ll need. A majority of people will opt to go for folding chairs and table for outdoor use as a minimum. A simple piece of shade cloth and camping tent could also make it to the list. Only carry light-weight items to make the load easy to transport. Leave behind all unnecessary items at  Easy Vehicle Storage – Caravan Storage Brisbane.

First aid kit

first aid equipment

A first aid kit is one of the most underrated items on the checklist. You never know how crucial it is until you are suffering from a spider bite or a deep cut while out in the world and miles away from a hospital setting. Be sure to pack one just to be safe.

Foodstuff and cooking equipment

outside caravan barbeque with three people

Imagine buying all the ingredients for a perfect meal in the wild, only to realise at arrival that you don’t have the right pots and equipment to cook your food. It can be quite frustrating. Consider planning ahead by writing a meal plan and organising everything you will need for each meal in advance. Heavy equipment such as barbeque grills should be left behind. You could pre-cook some meals that require heavy equipment to make things easier.

Leisure and entertainment equipment

standup paddle boarding

This segment can really be tricky when picking up items for use during your adventure. Pick out the entertainment and leisure equipment according to the season and weather conditions. If you are travelling with your caravan towards the woods rather than towards the beach, leave your surfboards and umbrellas at the Caravan Storage Brisbane. Your entertainment equipment should match the state of your desired environment.


toiletries on bench

Essential but often forgotten: toiletries. You want to maintain your sanitary standards both at home and out in the wild. Carry your toothbrush, toilet paper, hand sanitiser, hairbrush, toothpaste, and any other items that keep you clean.

When you’re not out adventuring, simply keep your caravan safe and secure at Easy Vehicle Storage – Caravan Storage Brisbane.

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