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Best Caravan Destinations in Australia

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Best Caravan Destinations in Australia

Australia has so many top caravan destinations that you can consider. There are hundreds of exotic family parks, which are mostly based in cities and coastal region. However, this article focuses on national park top caravan sites that you can enjoy with your family. Here are some of the best and top caravan sites, from Easy Vehicle Caravan Storage, that you can consider this summer.

The Blue Mountains

You know they are not blue, but it would be fantastic to enjoy panoramic views in some of the most beautiful sites in the country. The Blue Mountains area groups of mountains that attract a considerable number of tourists throughout the year some locals and others from other parts of the world. You can choose a caravan Storage facility and store your car so that you can move deep into the mountains and enjoy the world’s steepest passenger railway and gliding cable car.

blue mountains

The Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is a highly preferred and attractive area in the country because of the large number of physical features you will see in this region. The Adelaide Hills, the Eyre Peninsula, and the Limestone Coast, among others, are some of the most attractive natural features that you can enjoy in this region. That’s not all. Once you move your car from Caravan Storage, you will enjoy some delicious culinary delights that are only found in the South. If you are a foodie, this is a place you don’t want to miss.

borrosa valley

The Great Ocean Road

There are tens of charming coastal towns that you will be happy to see after spending your life in city suburbs. However, surf beaches, some few koalas at some of the most popular national parks, and some exciting waterfalls will make a great day in the Great Ocean Road. Other fascinating destinations along the road include the gorgeous coastal lookouts and the rainforest walks. After storing your car in the nearby Caravan Storage facility, you can enjoy and blow your mind with the visit to the lighthouse.

great ocean road

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is probably the best coastal camping destination that every family around the country should try. Some of the recreational activities that you can have on this beach include snorkelling, surfing, and swimming. You can take a cruise and enjoy the entire experience of being in water during summer. If only it were possible, you could never leave the waters of Port Stephens. These waters provide a memorable experience, especially to those people who know how to pet dolphins.

port stephens

The Tarkine

If you are interested in history, this is one of the best areas that you can try. It is rich in history, and you can quickly get to see everything that you wanted. The beach is more than 33 km long, which means you can quickly find your own space and get to enjoy some history as you soak the sun. The Tarkine comprises of about 477,000 hectares of wilderness that have never been touched by anybody.


The Grampians

This is a rocky, rugged Victorian National Park that you can enjoy mountain climbing. There are many mountains in this region where you can enjoy. Hundreds of tree species are in this national park with all types of birds. It is a full package that has everything you want a park to have including exotic accommodations and places to enjoy some premium wines.

These are some of the top caravan destinations in Australia that you should not miss. They have everything you may want to see and enjoy. With some secure Caravan Storage facilities, you know you have the necessary peace of mind to move around and experience everything that comes on your way.

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