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Best Things To Do In far North QLD

A Guide to Caravanning in Far North QLD – Caravan Storage Brisbane


Caravans are a great way to travel as it is completely flexible and you’ll feel closer and one with nature. Overnights on beautiful places surrounded by nature’s beautiful scenery and an evening spent sitting by the fire. When it comes to holidays in Australia, a memorable and joyful experience awaits you.

The northernmost part of the state of Queensland, Australia is commonly known as the Far North Queensland. It is a well-known destination that is centred on the city of Cairns. As seen in the map, the region also has an international reach. Australia has a strong and growing regional economy that grows yearly. Known as Tropical North Queensland, it has many tourist attractions. Beautiful places, stunning beaches, wide lands, and rainforests.

Snorkelling at Green Island


Witness the wonders of Far North Queensland and see popular tourist spots you’ve always wanted to visit in the comfort of your caravan. Australia has tons of serene and breathtaking landscapes that you’ll appreciate and enjoy. You deserve a comfortable and cosy place to stay inside your caravan while going on trips.

If you’re a first timer in visiting North Queensland,

 saves you money on accommodation. The caravan ensures that you’ve everything you need whenever you need it for it is your accommodation and transport in one. One of the biggest costs of a holiday is booking a hotel, which is why caravans are usually less expensive and more affordable.

Cairns Lagoon

What are the great places that you need to visit? Hop inside your caravan now and do not dare to miss these places:


The best things to do in Far North Queensland


Swimmer or scuba diver, it does not matter for everyone is allowed to see the marvellous great barrier reef. Hundreds of islands, thousands of coral reefs and over 600 types of coral can be found in this 2,300km-long ecosystem.

Explore the Barron River and go with the flow of its strong rapids. Visit the Barron Gorge National Park offers stunning landscapes, too. A day trip at the Barron River is definitely worth it.

The oldest rainforest on Earth can be found in Australia. Hike and explore the wilderness by going through different trails in Australia’s largest continuous area of tropical rainforest. Spend the day at the Daintree where you’ll witness a variety of rare animals and overflowing vegetation. The incredibly diverse ecosystem of this rainforest makes it special. Endangered animals can be found here, and you can go for a cruise down the Daintree river afterwards and go crocodile spotting for more fun.

Daintree Rainforest

Australia’s amazing wildlife can also be witnessed at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The Australian native wildlife such as koalas, Tasmanian devils, wombats, kangaroos, and platypus are all here in its natural habitat. Growing ferns and orchids, and a wide range of birds, insects, and animals can be seen in the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Kuranda Scenic Railway. Moreover, you’ll see the World Heritage Rainforest, Red Peak and Barron Falls. The Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a slow-paced zip-lining adventure through the Daintree Rainforest.

A great way to relax is to experience the spectacular views of Far North Queensland by visiting the epic Josephine Falls. Anyone can jump in for a refreshing dip. However, a crystal clear water at the Babinda Boulders invites you. It is surrounded by a rainforest, and it is known for its swimming hole for tourists and locals. Another remarkable beach in the Tropical North Queensland is the Mission Beach. Watch the sun as it slowly rises beautifully over the ocean.

Josephine Falls Cairns

Australia offers very cheap or free camping grounds with different facilities. Caravan Storage Brisbane allows you to stay in dozens of places and different camping sites where you could interact with other campers, watch the sunrise or sunset, breakfast or dinner by the beach, and so on.

Caravan Storage Brisbane ensures a holiday for the whole family. It is also suitable and perfect for families with small children as it provides comfort.


Caravan Storage Brisbane


Create a list of all the materials you’ve to bring, replace, or remove. Move all around the caravan, make sure to check all drawers, cupboards, furniture, bed, and so on. Make a checklist so nothing will be forgotten for your next trip.

Thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your caravan before storing things. The caravan’s interior must be clean before storing. Check from top to bottom, clean empty cupboards and each surface should be scrubbed and wiped. In order to prevent rodents and pests, eliminate dust and traces of food by vacuuming the couches, carpets, sides, and corners of the caravan. Pests and food usually cause minimal and stinky damage inside the caravan. Secure a caravan that is in great condition for every road trip.

Next, empty the contents of the fridge and freezer. The interior should be dry after cleaning both of it to avoid the build-up of molds.

Daintree Forest

Steps on how to protect your caravan


Achieve a fresh and hygienic caravan interior and exterior should be done before you put your caravan in Caravan Storage Brisbane.

The interior of the caravan can be damaged by direct sunlight and water damage. Check the seals and protect your caravan by closing blinds, and keeping the window locked. Wash the exterior of your caravan regularly to keep its quality and shine.

Protect the exterior of your caravan by using a long soft-bristle brush and reach out from top to bottom. To access the roof of the caravan, use a ladder, and remove all tough spots. Be careful from scratches, use a washing solution that is suitable for the paint and protective coatings. A caravan car washing detergent must be used for best results. Lastly, rinse the caravan with a hose.

Kuranda Skyrail

Invest in a caravan cover to protect your caravan storage Brisbane. This will keep the caravan last longer and look a lot better. A breathable cover prevents condensation, and it protects it from the weather.

Before storing, it is advised to go to a service station to check the pressure of the tyres. Pump the tyres to its right pressure. The tyres will eventually lose pressure depending on how long your caravan will be sitting in storage. Cover its tyres for protection and from deterioration if it’ll be in storage for an extended period of time.

The furniture items inside the caravan need to be cleaned before storage. No food containers should be left as it attracts insects and ants as well. During the caravan storage period, open and leave the doors of the furniture for air circulation.

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