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Creative Caravan Storage Hacks

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Creative Caravan Storage Hacks

A caravan allows you to set off whenever you like. Keep your items in Caravan Storage Brisbane while you explore the country. These are some easy hacks you can apply to use the space in your caravan!

Brackets on the Ceiling

Make the most of your ceiling space with the use of brackets! This is good place to store items that lie flat such as brooms and mops for easy clean up while you travel.


Cupboard storage like that often found in Caravan Storage Brisbane can be applied to your caravan. Items such as spices and pantry goods can be kept underneath countertops as you cook and returned there when you’re done.

food stored in caravan cupboard

Hooks on Shelves

Hooks are a great place to keep items like clothing that you’ll need in a hurry. Place hooks in the small spots in the caravan that might otherwise go unused. Use different kinds of hooks in varied sizes.

coat hook

In Front of the Doors

The space when you get inside your caravan has a lot of room. This is an excellent area to keep items that you need as you travel such as a water bottle and spare umbrellas.

Nesting Bowls

Nesting bowls that fit into each other work well in a small kitchen space. The same is true of measuring cups. They make any kitchen more efficient.

nesting bowls

Organizers on Car Seats

The area behind the car seat makes an ideal place to keep an organiser. Use one with many small pockets to keep smaller items in the same place. This will also prevent such items from rolling around and getting in your way as you travel. Paperback books, keys and travel games fit in nicely.

Suction Cup Storage

Suction cups are an easy item to keep on hand as you travel. They can fit anywhere you want in the caravan. Put a hook at one end of the suction cup and use that to keep items in place anywhere in the caravan.

suction cup storage


Under the Bed

Caravan Storage Brisbane know that the area under the bed in your caravan offers endless amounts of storage! This is one area that lets you keep items like extra sheets and pillowcases for easy washing. This is also a good place to keep other linens items like towels and dish towels when you’re not using them.

Velcro It

Velcro is the perfect solution to any storage issue. Place velcro strips against the dashboard and other areas up front in your caravan. Keep your cell phone and drinks attached to the velcro. They’ll never get lost or spill over this way.


Vertical Storage

Just like at Caravan Storage Brisbane, there’s a lot of places where you can store things as you travel in your caravan. All this area is unused space that can be organised and used for storage. Stack your favourite books in a built-in bookcase that you can reach. This is a great way to make use of every available space in your caravan.

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