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Caravan Trip Around Australia

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Caravan Trip Around Australia

A caravan is a great way to hit the road and see Australia in person with your entire family. If you are planning to take your caravan out of Easy Vehicle Caravan Storage Brisbane, you’ll want to think about what you’re going to see and create a fabulous itinerary. Caravan Storage Brisbane enables you to keep your cherished caravan safe and secure until you’re ready to head off. There are many destinations. This route takes you across the beautiful coast of this part of Australia to the amazing marvels of the Great Barrier Reef.

Visit Noosa

Two reclining chairs and a caravan by the beach

Charming Noosa is the place to be if you love the coast and want to make the most of it. Park your caravan here and take a nice walk along Noosa National Park. The park is one of the great places to see koalas in their native habitat. When you’re done hiking, head back to Noosa for a nice meal. You’ll find a great many cafes and other restaurants that lend themselves to a fabulous meal that goes so well with the sea air. Have a cup and enjoy the view with lunch based on fresh locally grown produce.

Explore Rainbow Beach

Caravan next to the beach with people

Rainbow Beach is a small town with big impact. Lying at the entrance Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach is a worthy stop along the way. Take that caravan from Caravan Storage Brisbane and see why people love this part of the country so much. It’s about a three hour trip directly or longer with other stops. This is a great place for a temporary stop off as you make your way to other places. There are a lot of places to stop your caravan, stretch your legs and have a look around. Longer stays at area hotels are another way to break up a caravan trip.

Hervey Bay

RV and caravan parked by the beach

Hervey Bay is the place to catch a look at the coast and watch whales right off shore. This is a place that is designed around a great natural harbor that allows people to stretch out and enjoy the many wonders of Australia’s outdoor spaces. It’s also an ideal place to have lots of fun playing water sports. Head to the shore to enjoy a chance to take a kayak and get up even closer with the little coves that dot the land here. Swimming provides a refreshing chance to enjoy the water and cool off.

Great Barrier Reef

Man woman and child sitting and talking in front of a caravan

The Great Barrier Reef is a must for any resident of Australia. Take your caravan and head to Bundaberg. It’s the gateway to the reef and a place to park as you make those arrangements to get to the reef. The caravan lets you explore this area and see the ocean before you get out on a boat and admire one of the world’s most renowned places. Now is the time take a terrific trip that lets you see the best of what the country has to offer. Bring your caravan to safe Caravan Storage Brisbane when you’re home.

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