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Give your caravan a Spring Clean

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Give your caravan a Spring Clean

After a fun season of travelling in your caravan, you head home to store your vehicle until next year. You may want to take a few extra days to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning. Keep in mind, your caravan has travelled many long miles. Give it the attention that it deserves. This will allow you to protect your investment so it is reliable for many more years to come. Here are some things that you need to remember when cleaning your caravan and preparing it for Caravan Storage Brisbane.

Ventilate Your Vehicle

A lot of moisture can build up in your caravan over time. If your vehicle is going to be kept closed up and in storage for a number of months, make sure that it has proper ventilation. While in storage, you can leave the roof vent open a crack. If it is going to be stored inside, you can purchase a special cover that provides you with ventilation and weather protection at the same time. A flow of fresh air throughout your vehicle will prevent mold growth or a musty smell.


Washing and Waxing the Exterior

It’s nice to have a shiny caravan, but a wash and wax is also a way to protect your vehicle while it is in storage. You always want to wash your vehicle before applying wax. Just be sure that it is completely dry before applying any kind of product. The was will protect your vehicle from sun damage, dirt, dust, road salt, etc. When your vehicle eventually comes out of storage, it won’t take much work to get it back on the road. While you are completing the cleanup, keep an eye out for scratches, dents or damage that should be addressed before it turns into a bigger problem.

cleaning your caravan

Retract Your Slide Outs

Retracting all of your slide outs while your caravan storage Brisbane is in effect will provide protection to various mechanical parts in your vehicle. It’s not a bad idea to make sure that you clean all these areas as well. Special protectants can be applied to the seals of your vehicle, slide rails, etc. This allows for less issues when your vehicle goes back on the road eventually. Your vehicle will last longer as well. This is a big investment to make. Ensure that you take the appropriate steps towards protecting your investment for years to come.

Caravan slide outs

Prevent Bugs and Rodents from Visiting

A caravan is a great living space when you are out on an adventure. However, this isn’t a space that should be home for bugs and rodents. Make sure that every crack and gap in and around your vehicle is taken care of before your caravan storage Brisbane begins. This could be a tear in your screen, a crack in your plumbing vent or damage to your air intake pipe. Make sure that your vehicle is properly cleaned up. No food or drink, garbage or clutter should be left in your vehicle.

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