The ‘Vehicle’ part of Easy Vehicle Storage implies that we store cars, but in fact, we store so much more. The ‘Vehicle’ stands for all vehicles, from motorcycle storage, to cars, caravan storage, RVs, trailers and even tractors. Heck, we’ll even store your helicopter and boat. Today’s story is about motorcycles, and some tips around storing them.

We all like to cruise down the highway on our motorcycles, it is a blast during the warm summer months. However, once winter rolls around, or even during storm season, it becomes slippery on the roads, it can be too cold and wet – and dangerous – for all but the most hardcore and dedicated bikers. But, before you hang up your helmet yet, it’s important to spend some time properly preparing your motorcycle for storage.

Storing your motorcycle for long periods involves more than simply tossing a tarp over it and calling it a day. Not taking the proper precautions can leave your bike in poor shape come spring time, whether it’s flat tires, a corroded battery or rust. Consider these four tips for ensuring your motorcycle stays in top-notch condition during the off season:

Check all the fluids

The liquids that keep your motorcycle functioning can be most susceptible to long periods of non-use or cold weather, not that we are expecting any blizzards in Brisbane. Checking these fluids should be a top priority before packing your baby away.


Make sure the fuel tank is filled up but just to the bottom of the filler neck. Fuel left in the tank too long can get stagnant and cause problems with the injector or carburettor. To combat this, add a fuel stabiliser and let the engine run for about 10 minutes, or take the bike on a short ride to make sure the additive fully mixes in with the fuel.


Having fresh oil in the bike is key to ensuring the bike starts up again upon your return. Even if you’ve just recently had an oil change, it’s a good idea to have fresh oil in your motorcycle. If possible, consider using a cold winter grade oil like Castrol’s 5w30. Since you’re already changing the oil, you might as well change the filter as well.


Even if you decided to go for indoor motorcycle storage, it’s still wise to make sure there’s anti-freeze in your bike’s coolant system during the winter.

The helpful staff at Easy Vehicle Storage can further advise you on motorcycle storage, from licensing to giving the engine regular starts.

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