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Moving Abroad for Work? Car Storage Brisbane can Help

Many people are lucky enough to be able to obtain expat assignments throughout the course of their careers. These are great opportunities to see new parts of the world and experience life outside of one’s home country. Whether you’re going to New Zealand, Singapore, or as far away as London or New York – you’re likely thinking about what you will be doing with your possessions while you are abroad. One of the most challenging possessions to manage while abroad is a vehicle – this is where Car Storage Brisbane can help.

Our Car Storage Brisbane service guarantees that your car is stored securely while you are away. While you are on your expat assignment, your vehicle should be the least of your concerns.

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Pointers For Storing Your Vehicle

If you are planning to store your car for a long period of time, ensure that your vehicle’s petrol tank is completely full. It’s also wise to add a fuel stabilizer to prevent buildup in your engine.

Ensure that your vehicle’s fluids are serviced before you store it. Full fluid levels ensure that contaminants stay out of your engine, brake lines, clutch, and power steering system.

Also, contact your insurance provider to let them know you are storing your vehicle for a long period of time, as they may be willing to offer a discount on your coverage. Finally, purchase a dust cover to cover your vehicle to provide further protection from environmental damage and dust.

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Our Car Storage Brisbane Facility Is Closely Monitored For Security

Our staff closely monitor our facility to ensure that break-ins and intrusions are avoided. We also have a climate-controlled environment, which prevents damage to your vehicle from air, pests, or water. With us, you can trust that you are leaving your vehicle in capable hands when you choose to store it.

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Because of the attention that we provide to our storage facility, we can ensure that your vehicle will be left in a better state than if it were to be left in your garage. Many people have returned from their expat assignments only to find that animals have practically destroyed their vehicles, or their vehicles might have been damaged by criminals looking for an opportunity to break in.

We are also very competitive in our service’s pricing. Very few Car Storage Brisbane companies can compete with us in terms of our ability to price their services in an affordable manner. We also have fair contracts that don’t have any hidden fees or surprises. Please contact us right away if you’re looking for a car storage service, which will take care of your vehicle while you are away as an expat.

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