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Moving Overseas Checklist

Taking a long-term trip abroad can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you’ll ever do in your lifetime. Trips like these are a great way to see the world and cross off many things on your bucket list. As wonderful as this new adventure may be, it’s important to be as well-prepared as possible before your departure date. Here are a few helpful tips, including using car storage Brisbane from Easy Vehicle Storage, to ensure you’ll be ready and stress-free when the big day arrives.

1. Give proper notice to everyone

Giving notice goes beyond letting friends and family know you’re leaving. You also need to make sure you notify your real estate agent or the superintendent of your building, especially if you plan to break the lease. You need to approach your employer as well. If you hope to keep your job, you should mention your trip as early as possible and ask for a leave of absence. This may be a good time to cash in any vacation time you have accrued. If you don’t plan to stay at your job, give your employer plenty of notice and be polite, professional, and dependable while you work through your final weeks. Finally, tell your bank about your travel plans. Unexpected overseas charges can result in frozen assets and messy situations to sort out while you’re away from home.

Moving Overseas Checklist: Car Storage Brisbane | Easy Vehicle Storage Brisbane

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2. Scan important documents

You should scan your passport, license, immunisation records, visas, and any other critical identifying documents before departing. Keep one set of copies separate from the originals and entrust another set to a friend or family member while you’re gone. You should also bring more than one set of hardcopies with you on your trip, and spread your copies throughout your luggage. This will prevent you from losing everything if one of your bags is lost. This will help tremendously in case you need replacements.

3. Sell or store your belongings

If you’re moving out of your flat, you should consider selling as many of your belongings as possible. Anything you can’t or don’t want to sell should be put up in prepaid storage. This includes using car storage Brisbane for your vehicle. There are plenty of benefits from utilising long-term car storage in Brisbane. Rather than leaving your car at the airport or with family, car storage Brisbane can ensure your vehicle is safe and secure for the duration of your trip.

Moving Overseas Checklist: Car Storage Brisbane | Easy Vehicle Storage Brisbane

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4. Get up-to-date on health checks and immunisations

Check with your doctor about any immunisations you might need and get updated on all of them. Since you’ll be gone for awhile, you should also get any physicals out of the way before you leave. If you have prescriptions, be certain you have enough of your medications to last through your trip.

5. Check your passport

Make sure your passport is current and check it will stay valid throughout your entire trip. You should also ensure you have enough space left in it for all of your travel stamps.

Taking a long trip abroad is a fantastic experience you’ll treasure forever. Be sure to get your affairs in order, find car storage in Brisbane, and let everyone know your itinerary. This will help keep your vacation as stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to book your latest overseas adventure, contact the team at Easy Vehicle Storage today to learn more about your car storage in Brisbane options.

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