Pros and Cons of Buying a New Vs Used Caravan

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Pros and Cons of Buying a New Vs Used Caravan

Buying a caravan will probably be one of your largest investments. It is a daunting process, especially when deciding whether to put your money on a new vs used caravan. Depending on clientele tastes, preferences and budgets both new and used cars get purchased eventually. Nonetheless, there is a need to lay a few facts on the topic “new vs used caravan.”

New caravan -Pros

Comes with new and advanced features

Buying a new caravan comes with the latest technology and safety features as well as a sophisticated modern interior outlook. The body may also be appealing which can sway a client’s a decision.

modern caravan interior

Clean records

New caravans have no previous owners. This comes with the guarantee of clean accident history and no mechanical issues. In the case of mechanical problems, the manufacturer becomes liable, and the fixing process is ideally more straightforward. You are likely to have your peace of mind when dealing with a new caravan.

new caravans

New Caravan – Cons

High buying cost

This factor is undoubtedly the most significant drawback. A new caravan comes at a higher price compared to their used counterparts. If you are not planning on using the caravan regularly, you might want to reconsider putting your money on a new unit.

caravan with accessories

High depreciation rate

A new caravan depreciates by almost 40% in its first two years of use. If you were to sell it after using it slightly, you would certainly incur a huge loss. It will also not be a good idea to purchase a new unit if it spends most of its time in a Storage Shed in Disney.

caravan interior design

Used caravans -Pros

Lower buying prices

Previously owned caravans essentially come at lower and affordable prices because they have been used before. Some deals will have you bagging a good caravan with excellent features at almost half the price of a new one.

interior of old caravan

Slower depreciation rates

As earlier mentioned, new caravans tend to have a higher depreciation rate in their first two years. With used caravans, the depreciation rate is slow which favours individuals looking to sell the unit after that.

second hand caravan

Extra features

If you are lucky, you will stumble on a caravan with added features from previous ownership. Also, you might land on a unit that has its problematic issues phased out by the previous owner. Most are ready to drive units.

Used Caravans – Cons

May tag along with some problematic issues

Used caravans are expected to come in “used shape.” Clients manage to ignore the scratches, rust, dents, and other exterior problems. However, there could be more in-depth problematic issues with the unit that cannot be identified at first look. Some difficulties require an honest seller to reveal them before finding them out on your own after the purchase.

old caravan in front of ocean

It’s not a long-term investment

Already, a previously owned caravan has a few years to its name. When buying a used caravan, you have to keep into account that your time with the unit is limited before aging issues begin to pop up.

happy family inside a caravan

New vs used caravans is a topic that requires much thought especially after factoring in your needs, budgets, and frequency of use. Both used and new caravans have their benefits and disadvantages from the points discussed above.

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