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Secret Car Parking Spaces In Brisbane City

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Secret Car Parking Spaces In Brisbane City

Brisbane, which is Queensland’s capital, is the third most populated city in the country. Its location and top-notch amenities attract visitors who come from around the world and locals who live around the corner. After a day spent playing on nearby beaches, you’ll want to check out the city’s amazing array of restaurants, boutique shops, and theatres. Parking in the city, however, can be more than a challenge and expensive. Identifying low-cost car park options in Brisbane ahead of your trip allows you to save your money for more fun expenses such as shopping and dining. Here are some ways to save on car parking in the city from Easy Vehicle Storage Brisbane. 

Cheap parking apps

Brisbane’s parking stations are offered by the City Council and two private organizations. Wilson Parking and Secure Parking are the two private companies that compete for your parking business in the city. Software applications such as Cheap Parking App,, and Wilson Parking’s Advanced Locator give you access to Brisbane’s cheapest parking in real time. Input your destination location into these applications, and you’ll receive information on cheap spaces available and special discount offers for certain off-peak times.

Wilson Parking at Waterfront Place Porte Cochere

For quick trips into the city, nothing beats free parking at Wilson Parking’s Waterfront Place lot. Once you arrive at the lot, you’ll have exactly one hour to complete your errand and exit the lot. Don’t forget to exit on time. If you’re a minute late, you could be charged up to $40.

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

For inexpensive, mostly all-day parking, check out the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The centre’s early bird specials let you park for $16 if you’re in before 9am and out before 6pm.

Shopping centres

Shopping centres attract customers to their stores with cheap parking. Myers Shopping Centre provides customers with all-day Saturday parking for $7 and Sunday parking for $5.

Meter parking

Although meter parking spaces aren’t as secure as your other options, they’ll likely be cheaper if you only need to make a quick trip to the bank, post office, or store. Depending on the zone in which the meter is located, you could end up paying parking rates as low as $1 per hour. The highest zone charge is $4.90 per hour in Zone One Brisbane Central Business District.

Using Vehicle Storage Brisbane

Parking in Easy Vehicle Storage Brisbane offers car storage in Brisbane is the most cost-effective option if you make frequent and lengthy trips to the city. This secure facility offers Vehicle Storage Brisbane that you can access at your convenience without fussing with special apps and discount promotion codes.

Parking in South Bank

The shops and parking stations in Brisbane’s South Bank community provide inexpensive parking to locals and visitors. Secure Parking has $12 all-day parking in South Bank, and the company often offers discounts to the tune of $5 per day for weekend parking.

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