While researching motoring related news, in order to write this article for Easy Vehicle Storage in Brisbane, I came across a story on Stuff about the seven worst Ferraris ever built. The story is a feature that looks at seven duds that have originated at the home of the prancing horse. Sure Maranello is famous for some of the best sports cars of all time, but we all have a bad day sometimes, and they sure did have a few stinkers. Just Google the 1956 410 Superamerica Ghia, and you’ll see what I mean.

So how do you judge a bad sports car? Surely it is unfair to compare a Mazda MX 5 with a Lamborghini Countach, one is a classic, and the other holds the record for being the best selling sports car of all time. So surely the Mazda wins. Ha, ha, ha… Jokes aside, really, how do you judge a bad sports car? I really don’t know…

Do you judge them on speed, so if they are slow, are they bad, or do we judge them on looks, if they are ugly then are they no good?

Let’s look at the options…

The slow ones include the Porsche 914, even my SUV is quicker at close to 15 seconds from 0 to 100. The Ferrari Mondial, again more than 10 seconds in the speed test, and it was mentioned in the aforementioned list. And the DeLorean, Marty McFly’s vehicle of choice in Back to the Future, a vehicle so wrong on many aspects, including its Volvo engine.

The ugly ones include the 2008 Covini C6W, it looks like a home built Ferrari, but with six wheels. Yes, I said six wheels. The Yamaha 0X99-11, possibly the reason we don’t see Yamaha cars on the roads today. And then we really should mention the Ferrari Mondial again, but instead, I will mention the 1988 Consulier GTP Coupe, a car so ugly, it looks like it was built using an old water tank.

Surprisingly the decision for this writer to name the worst sports car of all time is a tight battle between a famous marque and a celebrity car. One car was so bad, the company would best like to forget about it, and the other took the company to bankruptcy.

In the toss up between the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Ferrari Mondial, my final decision is that the Ferrari Mondial is the worst sports car ever, and should be placed in storage at Easy Vehicle Storage in Brisbane. The DeLorean DMC-12 at least have a cool factor, and cool goes a long way.

Easy Vehicle Storage in Brisbane will gladly store your car, whether it is an unsightly sports car, or an economy sedan, we won’t judge.